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For l-phonix we have tailored album artwork, branding, photography and web design that matches the character of his sound.
Design, music, branding, photography, L-Phonix
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About This Project

For L-phonix we have tailored album artwork, branding, photography and web design that matches the character of his sound. L-Phonix is an artist encompassing a wealth of musical styles to bring a truly unique sound to the table. To listen, head over to Soundcloud or Myspace

10260367_10151983882932553_1067732647_o10288435_10151986594462553_1497018468_oLogolphonix2 Logolphonix Logolphonix1 Logolphonix3Coming from an unconventional musical background L Phonix had been surrounded by creative infulences from an early age, his mother is reggae star Aisha who had that unforgettable 80′s reggae classic ‘Creator’ who was part of the ARIWA Sounds label run by dub legend Mad Professor . his father also great reggae musician /producer an founder of Green Beat music, ‘Dubz’. His uncle, UK’s No1 steel band soloist, Mighty Jamma, Even his grandfather was one of the original soundman from jamaica, playing in areas in the UK during the 60′s/70′s inspiration was there from an early age. so if not on tour as youngster , he was in recording studios with family or other well known artists or producers across many genres.
he started djing as soon as he left school, playing around a few spots around england, mostly playing jungle/drum & bass during the mid to late 90′s. As he became more involved with the djing an the industry as a whole his attentions begun to turn to the production side. He then built himself a base to build and produce tracks, the dj side was then put on hold for him to develop his production skills and have tracks of his own. At this point he had teamed up with the Reading outfit LOAD MEDIA working with the likes of  Tom Kentix an Deadly Poison on new music. he then had a series of Drum & bass releases on on Simon “Bassline” smiths Sensore records an Digital’s Keynote records
influenced by many forms of music like dub, jazz, funk the rave era and most other forms of music out there, L Phonix is working in many genres to be more innovative in his music and take things a step further with his  a skilful manipulation of sound.


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July 07, 2014

Art, Branding, Identity, Logos, Photography, Website Design
Branding, design, music, photography